Another Amazing Product is LIVE .Vows and Wishes App and Website, let users create and manage their wedding in a unique manner.

As Wedding is the most memorable event of life, Vows and Wishes, a single stop destination to manage everything for their wedding.

Vows and Wishes helps the couple in creating their own  :

  • Wedding website
  • Creating sweet photo Album(s)
  • Sharing moments of all functions in the wedding
  • Chat & connect with guests pre and post functions…to remain updated
  • Send e-invites to functions with location maps in closed groups
  • And off course all possible gifting options as per the wishes of wedding couple including honeymoon and post wedding gifts

Website : https://www.vowsandwishes.com

App Store :  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vows-wishes/id1137873072?ls=1&mt=8

Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobulous.vows_n_wishes&hl=en

Promo Video : http://bit.ly/2bW9rxZ

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Case Study: My Voice- Raise Your Opinion

My Voice is an application developed by the Top Mobile Application Developer i.e. Mobulous Technologies which gives individuals a platform as an opportunity, where they can raise their opinion and present their views regarding all the recent issues related to govt., country, sports or any social & general awareness topic. The users can Like or comment their views whether in favour or against the trending topics. They can also participate in public discussion or can chat with any member privately. The user will get instant notification as well if any member will comment on their messages. The platform connects the members with the real-world entity.

Technical Implementation

  1. Survey Implementation
  2. JSON Parsing
  3. Reachability Class Support to detect Internet connectivity on Real-time basis
  4. Anonymous Polling
  5. Push Notification
  6. Available on all leading mobile platforms



How a Mobile Application Facilitates Your Business?

If you are imaging that mobile applications are exclusively for huge brands,then you are absolutely incorrect. Small and fair size organizations are also adopting application trend, understanding that a viable portable methodology includes far more than only a mobile-friendly site.

Truth be told, nowadays you’ll see that numerous small organizations you collaborate within your regular life, have their own committed mobile application platform— be it the corner café or the magnificence spa downtown. These organizations are on top of things with regards to taking their promotions to the top or extreme level.

In case you are still not certain why anybody would need to fabricate their own particular mobile platform, here are the some of the advantages that will definitely tell you why you should go down this way as soon as possible.

Your Business will be Visible to Customer: According to the business sector statistic, having a mobile application for your business is an ideal approach to reach out the wide gathering of customer easily.

It will help you make an immediate Marketing Channel: One of the greatest advantages of developing a mobile application for your business is that all the data you’d like to give to your users or customers– including extraordinary deals or promotions – is just a click away. Through push-notifications, you’re getting considerably more like an immediate collaboration, and can without much of a stretch remind clients about your products and administrations at whatever point it bodes well.

Give Value to the Customer: Instead of adhering to the old point-gathering card, make it workable for your clients to gather their prizes through your mobile application. This certainly let you have more customers for your small or big business.

Portable App Builds the Brands and Recognition: Whether you have just started your business or it is well –established, a mobile app can help you with advertising your brand awareness. The mobile application produced for your business speaks about your brands and on the off chance that it is planned creatively can be perceived by a large number of users, the blend of which will make your application a genuine winner.

Mobile App Additionally Improves Customer Engagement: No matter whether you are offering blossoms or spa benefits, your users require an approach to contact you. Having an informing (or help work area) highlight inside your application can create an impressive effect on the way you connect with your customers.

Champion from the Competition:It’s just common these days’ to have portable applications for all the small or large business, and this is the place you can take a major jump in front of your rivals. Be the first among others, to offer a mobile application to your users. They’ll be bewildered by your groundbreaking approach!

Build Customer Loyalty:An essential motivation behind why you ought to consider building your own mobile application for your business is client loyalty. It’s not like a mobile app is going to save your business, but it will help your small and even big business get established in developing business market consummately.

Despite the fact that you might be an early adopter among your associates of mobile advertising, it’s essential that you realize that there’s nothing keeping your rivals away from beginning. All you truly need is some innovative thinking and shrewd arranging and you can have your very own application instantly. There are various top rated mobile app developers & top mobile app development companies which provide the best arrangement or develop the best mobile application as per diverse business perspectives.


How to Choose the Best App Development Partner?

Smartphones are changing the world, yet numerous companies do not have in-house mastery to build up their own particular versatile applications. Luckily, the business sector is loaded with offices, consultants and various different organizations, possibly fit for building your executioner application.

So it is important to pick the best portable application development accomplice particularly. If your business is prepared to venture out into portable application development, you’ll have to locate an extraordinary developer to help you get it going.

Let’s first go through what to search while choosing a perfect Mobile App Development Partner:

  1. Agility: While picking an application development Partner, always go forthose organizations that are focused on fast and agileproductdevelopment. They must have the developers who are adaptable and adjust to your advancing necessities and requirements as they move all through the project.
  2. Strategy:The best mobile business accomplices will always maintain the strategy. From revelation to deployment, proper arrangment will remain at the front line of their outline and innovation work.
  3. Collaboration:Through experience and ability, a perfect mobile development partner perceives thata coordinated effort is the best-proven practice.
  4. Commitment to User Experience:A good mobile development company must containUI and UX planners who are focused on outlining the applications that offer really instinctive function and an excellent configuration interface.
  5. Results Driven:This is likely an essential angle to search in your mobile partner

In this modern innovation-oriented world, a business needs to have a mobile proximity to be unbeaten. Building up a portable application can be simple; however, finding the right partner to build up the application can be a dubious undertaking. The developing mobileservices have in reality made various options for the entrepreneurs. In any case, the inquiry is how to pick the best mobile application advancement organization in India?

The reality of the matter is that numerous associations know that versatility can help them to emerge in this competitive business sector, however, may need in-house specialized expertise to make a perfect mobile application.

Here are some helpful tips to discover the best mobile application developmentcompany:

  1. Check Reputation: The best thought to discover if the organization is dependable is to check their past experience & reputation in the market. For this, you can gather points by going through various reviews posted and the appraisals gave by their customers. You can also experience the company’s portfolios and testimonials to check their different works and project on which they have worked.
  2. Specialized Technology: The mobile business sector is yet changing and all organizations don’t work in each innovation. Along these lines, discover what precisely your need is and check if the service provider is capable of providing their expertise in particular advancements expected to develop mobile applications.
  3. Services:It is critical to assess the organization’s internal capacities. After accessing the internal abilities of organization, do look whether they will have the competence to furnish you with the genuine services that you are actually searching for. Maybe some organizations provide essential designing services and other may concentrate on particular gadgets. So, choose the best one only according to your business requirements
  4. Price Aspect:Many portable application development organizations offer evaluating models in light of the time and multifaceted nature of the venture and numerous has altered charge estimating plans. A few organizations charge a low expense amid the development procedure and take the whole payment once the application runs effectively. So always experience the entire evaluating components of any mobile app development company.
  5. Innovation & Creativity:The scene of mobile administrations is really a blend of business procedures, innovation and creativity. A few accomplices might be best with a formal and methodological driven project and some might be better with creative improvement. In view of your accurate needs, you can pick your best development partner.

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How to Make Best Application to Meet People Expectation?

With the development in technology, the best way to accomplish your business is through creating the best application. There is not a single approach for creating a perfect mobile application for any business; it just totally depends on the requirements. Apart from that, it also depends on what type of mobile application do you want, i.e., Native, Hybrid etc. At first, the mobile application developers need to decide which technique is the best for developing your business application according to your perspectives.

Elements for Developing Mobile Application

Along with choosing the techniques for building up the application, the developers additionally need to consider these components while building up the Mobile applications.

  1. Reasons for the app: Will the application be utilized for the communication, transactions or games? There are unlimited conceivable outcomes for what a portable application can do. Take an ideal opportunity to pinpoint what your configuration’s capacity will be and how it will provide an advantage for your business.
  2. The User of the App: The Mobile Application Development Company needs to consider the users of the application. Is it for users, employees or partners? Fitting your application for its target group is crucial.
  3. Data for the App: What information should be conveyed and how quick is it invigorated? Choose which information is most profitable for the proposed users on their mobile and ensure it’s overhauled at the suitable speed so it doesn’t get to be obsolete.
  4. SocialComponents of the App: How can online networking improve the experience? Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn, the combination with your application can make it significantly more profitable to your business primary concern. You may likewise need to work in your own social capacity.
  5. ThePlatform of the app: At last, the needs to decide the platform of the app whether it is for iOS platform or Android Platform.

Meet the Customer Expectations

Developing a mobile application to meet the customer expectation is additionally crucial. Easy to use applications are a great deal more prone to create income, from offers of the product, deals empowered by the product, or some other income model.

Here is a portion of the common step that developers need to follow for expanding the wide group of happy customers:

  1. Accurate Data: It is important that the users will see precise information, as many users got bothered because of the improper information that they see while utilizing the application like users errors, lacking data, inability to follow procedures, etc. So the developers ought to ensure that their application validates each of the information.
  2. Responsive UI: If you really don’t want to annoy your users with some frantic click, then do provide them with the experience that they actually expect and deserve. Let those long running process to be run in separate thread and keep the UI get updated.
  3. Easy Login: Make your login process easy for the user, so that they won’t get panic & frustrated.
  4. Compatibility: If you don’t want to headout the potential users, the application developer should make their application compatible with every platform without losing any functionality.
  5. Easy Restore Option: Some applications are not so easy to go back and restore whenever you need it. A few applications hide their information that won’t get backed up. So keep it straightforward for your users to utilize & save their information, whenever they want to.


Currynation Case Study

Currynation is a mobile application developed by one of the Top App Developers i.e. Mobulous Technologies and gives users an easiest way to search for the nearest restaurant around their location by just filling the postcode or location. The restaurant list will be searched according to the best reviews given by the previous customer or through the cuisines type, which the users want to have. The user can search for the best valued restaurant along with the details of whole food menu offered by the restaurant. The user will be able to order their food online according to their choices or they can also book a table in the top restaurants. It’s now easy to enjoy and become a food-lover. No matter where you are, your amazing meal is just a click away!!

Technical Implementation

  1. GPS navigation system to find the nearest Restaurant
  2. Searching Ability
  3. Social Media Integration
  4. Push Notification
  5. Available on all Major Platform



Successful Mobile App – By Optimizing the File Size

It’s an element that is regularly neglected, but on the other hand, it’s one that can adversely affect both your underlying download numbers and your uninstall rate large. At the point when there are such a large number of elements to consider after making another application, it can be difficult to monitor just which are the most critical.

While the mobile app developers are more importantly focused on delivering a showstopper of work that stretches mobile capacities as far as possible, it’s important that you likewise consider that your application file size on finish will extraordinarily decide what numbers of individuals are really downloading your awesome new creation.

Why it actually matters?

Several Mobile Application developers don’t understand this yet envision once, a user having low storage space on his gadget. At that point, the primary thing he generally used to do is to uninstall every one of that application which are taking up the most spaces of their memory.

This situation right here is the reason why the size of the application truly does make a difference with regards to the size of your new mobile application. With regards to enhancing the file size of your portable application, it’s a smart thought to go for some place between 5MB-30MB. This reach covers the points of confinement set up by most cell bearers and application stores, which implies your downloads are less inclined to be constrained to WIFI just users and will probably encounter a smooth move when launching into the iTunes or Google Play stores.

Consider the Size of App While Designing

To recoil the size of the application, the App designers need not give up the basic & fundamental outline components that upgrade the user-experience. By and large, the feel of application components can be altered marginally with a specific end goal to see critical results relating to the application file size. For example, changing something like the fringe in your fundamental menu could take up far less composition records, giving more space to you to be innovative where it truly matters.

By isolating a general picture into littler portions, you will then have the capacity to amass them in code, permitting you to make a stunningly nitty gritty setting, without utilizing large resource files.

Reduce the File Size of the Build

For lessening the entire app file size of the build, the mobile application developers can utilize a few devices that make your application fits best for your business specific needs. The App developers can likewise expel all troubleshoot related usefulness from the application.

The application, for the most part, does not see or utilize this information, and the Android working framework does not oblige it to run the application. Thus, the debug data just squanders space, and ought to be evacuated. If your application depends vigorously on pictures, sound or video, another way you can decrease the APK size is by utilizing certain media designs.

The Mobile application developers ought to ensure that the application doesn’t have duplicate usefulness or duplicate resources, as they are a conspicuous approach to abstain from having superfluous documents in the APK. The application developers ought to center and upgrade every single fragment of application yet without losing the quality of the mobile application.

If the mobile app development company want to optimize the file size for the mobile app they are developing, always consider their intended interest group and always take an insight into the ever-competitive mobile industry.

file size